The Batch Information Cockpit ( BIC ) represents a central switching point with wide-ranging options for analysis and control.

The BIC enables you to answer the following questions:

  • Which batches should be consumed if their shelf-life expires soon?

  • Which unrestricted batch stocks are there for a certain product group? With which attributes are the batches indicated?

  • Which batch stocks exist in the area of responsibility of a certain MRP controller?

  • How are the stocks divided across alternative units of measure (product or proportion units of measure)?

The BIC offers you the following control options:

  • Selected batches can be stored in the Batch Worklist in a structured way (for example, according to the required work steps), and can then be "held" for further processing.

  • You can directly call up the batch master for changing and displaying master data, classification data, and the batch where-used list containing information about the lifecycle of a batch..

  • You can integrate and trigger follow-up actions for mass changes using Business Add-Ins (BAdIs).